My invoices are not appearing in the unknowns

My invoices are not appearing in the Processing tab

If you have sent an email to your Lightyear account, but you are unable to locate it in your Processing tab, there are a few different things that you can check:
  1. Double check that you have sent it to the correct Lightyear email address, and that it does not contain any typos.
  2. If the invoice format is not readable by Lightyear (eg. txt or word) then Lightyear automatically redirects it to the redirect email that is currently set up. Check your redirect emails’ inbox and spam folders to see if it ended up there.
  3. Make sure the invoice isn't appearing in your Approval Tab after being successfully mapped by Lightyear.
  4. If you have an internal firewall, make sure it is not blocking the .cloud email addresses
Don’t have a redirect email set up? You can check out a guide on how to set it up here.


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