May 2019

May 2019

May 23rd

Feature Releases

  • We'll now notify you of feature releases within the Lightyear app! Click the bell icon in the top right of the screen to get up to date information on the latest feature releases

May 2nd


  • We've brought back the counter to the Unknowns/Processing Tab, letting you see at a glance how many bills are waiting to be mapped or manually entered. Note that this only appears on the Tab itself, and has not been added to the Company Picker. 
  • Minor changes to the Sage 200 export and how it handles rounding rows
  • Minor improvements to how 'Other' accounting exports handle quantities on Service bills

May 1st

Feature Releases

  1. We've made some big changes to the layout of the site and approvals workflow. All functionality has remained the same, but the new layout is makes the approvals workflow much cleaner. Check out this support article to familiarise yourself with the new layout.
  2. The Lightyear Mobile App has launched! Available for iOS and Android devices, the Lightyear Mobile App allows you to capture images of bills and receipts from your mobile device and upload them directly to any Lightyear account that you are a user of. We will be rolling out improvements to the Mobile App over the coming months. Check out this article to get help on downloading, setting up and using the Mobile App


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