March 2023

March 2023

29th March

Purchase Orders: Bulk Un-Match

Users can now Unmatch PO/Bill lines in bulk from within the Matching modal.

Using the checkboxes on the right-hand side of the screen, select the lines to be unmatched, and click the Bulk UnMatch button.

For full information on this feature, click here.

Accountancy Software: Sage Intacct - Reference

We can now export into the Sage Intacct Reference field when exporting Bills!

If you have the Purchase Order Number field populated on a bill in Lightyear, this will be exported to the Reference field. If you leave the Purchase Order Number field empty in Lightyear, this will remain empty in Sage Intacct.

15th March

Bug Fix: Accountancy Software: NetSuite - Exporting when Department/Location/Class is Mandatory

If Departments, Locations or Classes are mandatory in NetSuite, some users were unable to export documents as a Rounding Adjustment line in NetSuite wasn't picking up the correct Department/Location/Class.

Now, if a Rounding Adjustment line is sent to NetSuite, it will apply the coding of the last line on the document in Lightyear.


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