March 2022

March 2022

30th March

Bug Fix: Uploading Documents to Processing

Some users were experiencing issues that prevented them from uploading documents directly into Processing. 

This was related to the file name, as some were not correctly named and were unsuccessfully being ingested to Lightyear. We have resolved this to override these names in our backend before they are presented to you in Processing.

29th March

Bug Fix: Purchase Orders: Order Before Conditional Approval

When in the Create PO screen, users could raise a PO for $500 where the Supplier Conditional Approval Value was set at $400. They were then able to click Order Now from within Create PO to bypass all levels of approval and order the PO.

This has been rectified, to stop users from automatically Ordering a PO where a Conditional Approval Task should be sent.

Bug Fix: Accountancy Software: Sage 200

On the CSV Export File, accounts only using Departments were seeing the Department value populate in both the Cost Centre and Department columns. This was causing issues when importing into Sage 200, as the Cost Centre didn't exist.

Where accounts are only using Departments, this will be populated only in the Department columns.

24th March

Enhancement: Bulk Upload of Documents

In Processing, users can now upload up to 50 documents at once, increased from the previous 10 documents.

Bug Fix: Purchase Orders: Send Approval Task

Users will no longer be able to select themselves as a user in the Approve field while in Create PO.

Bug Fix: Purchase Orders: Email Supplier Modal

For a Purchase Order with an email entered and Email Supplier After Order ticked, while in the Purchase Orders > PO Bill Matching modal, if a user clicked Save they would see the Email Supplier modal mistakenly.

Users will now only see this modal when moving an invoice from Approved > Ordered, as expected.

Bug Fix: Filters and Changing Company

If a user switched from Company A to Company B while a Filter is applied in Panel 1, they would not see any data in Company B.

This fix removes the Filter before the Company is switched, allowing users to see the correct data in Panel 1.

22nd March

Enhancement: Purchase Order Mapping Logic

We have improved the matching logic for users who make use of the Purchase Order Mapping functionality. Previously this looked for an exact match on the Supplier Name to automatically send a PO through to the PO Workflow.

Now this is a fuzzy match, which will allow for slight name variances, and allow for spaces between the words in a Supplier Name.

21st March

Bug Fix: Netsuite Timeout Issue

This fixes an issue where importing Supplier Cards/GL Codes/Tax Rates/Categories from Netsuite would time out and no data would be returned.

10th March

Bug Fix: Filtering/Sorting Issues

With some recent changes to Panel 1 and Approval Task Icons, a couple issues have been reported and are now fixed. These are as follows:
  1. Invoices in Panel 1 disappearing when users were viewing the Categories column

  1. Applying a sort to any column, then Selecting All documents wouldn't select the current 50 documents on screen
  2. Applying a sort, then clicking to another page in Panel 1 would remove any Pending Approval Task icons
  3. Documents with Split Categories would display as Not Found in Panel 1
  4. Unable to filter by Category 1 or 2 within Panel 1

Bug Fix: Pre-Populated Date in Archive

While in Archive, the Invoice Date field pre-populates with the 1st day of the previous month. Behind the scenes this was checking against the local time zone, which was omitting documents in some cases.

We have updated this to remove the local time zone from the search, which will display invoices received after 00:00:00 on the selected date.

8th March

Enhancement: Panel 1 Loading Speed

Panel 1 in the Approvals Workflow will now load faster for all users, making an overall smoother experience in Lightyear. 

7th March

Bug Fix: Approval Task Icon Not Appearing

When applying a Filter in Panel 1, both in the Bill and Purchase Order Approval Workflows, users were seeing instances where the approval task icon disappeared while a task was pending.

We have made further fixes on this to ensure users who use the Filter feature keep their approval task icons.

Bug Fix: Activity Time vs Exported Batch Time

The displayed time of export in the Activity log and Exported Batch time will now match, regardless of the time zone of the user/company.

Bug Fix: Purchase Orders Sorting Columns

Sorting by the Goods column will no longer return an Internal Server Error, allowing users to view the Goods column in ascending or descending order.

3rd March

Accountancy Software: NetSuite & Quickbooks Online: Categories in Approvals Workflow

Accounts connected to NetSuite or Quickbooks Online will now see both Category 1 and 2 displayed in alphabetical order in Panel 2. This will make searching for the correct Category easier for users.

Bug Fix: Approval Task Icon Not Appearing

In the Approvals Workflow, if a user had applied a sort to any of the columns, changed to another tab, then went back to the original tab, some documents lost the Pending Approval Task icon.

We have fixed this to make sure the icon sticks when a sort is applied, and users are moving through tabs.

Bug Fix: GL Code Not Appearing in Product Lists

Where customers had GL Codes without a Code, only a Description, the column appeared blank in Supplier > Product/Rules Automation.

This column will now be populated with the GL Description, allowing customers to see the correct data. 

2nd March

Bug Fix: 'Amounts Are' Not Appearing

Within Panel 2, on some occasions the Amounts Are field was appearing blank.

This fix will ensure the field is populated at all times.

Bug Fix: Unable to Approve, Sign Off, Export & Archive in One Click

Accounts with Approval by Value enabled, but no conditions set, were not able to Approve, Sign Off and Export a document.

These accounts will now be able to perform this action without any issues.

Bug Fix: Rows Disappearing

In both the Purchase Order and Bill Approval Workflow, accounts with Approval by Value enabled were seeing rows in Panel 1 disappear if pending Conditional Tasks existed.

We have fixed this issue, so users can see the correct number of rows and information within Panel 1.

1st March

Bug Fix: Panel 1 Not Loading in Archive

When users clicked a Duplicate Icon in the Approvals Workflow, this would take them to the Archive to view the duplicates. When doing this, the rows in Panel 1 did not load accurately.

Users will now see the correct number of rows, with the correct data loading while in Archive

Bug Fix: Conditional Tasks Causing Slowness

In accounts where hundreds of Conditional Tasks were pending in the Review Tab, users were seeing slower app speeds throughout Lightyear

We have implemented a change behind the scenes to help loading times when Conditional Tasks are pending


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