March 2019

March 2019

March 28th


  • SAGE 50 Export Enhancements:
    • You can now select to populate the 'details' field of the Sage 50 export with the Description of the Nominal Code applicable for that line.  

    • Added a free text 'Details' field to the Sage 50 export. Enter a custoem 'detail' at a bill level which will export to the Details field on the Sage 50 export.
  • Users can now upload .JPEG file formats via the Unknowns 'Upload'

March 21st


  1. Style changes continue, with changes to our Bill section

  2. Improvements to bill image quality in panel 3
  3. Minor changes to Sage 200 export

March 14th


  1. The Lightyear makeover continues, with new designs for the Departments, Export Mapping and Users & Companies pages:

  1. The Unknowns counter on the company picker has been introduced.  You can now see the total number of documents in the unknowns from the company picker screen giving you a better at-a-glance update on which accounts need your attention.  Note, the Uknowns counter does not include 'unread's', only the total documents in the unknowns.

March 7th

It's time for a mini make-over! 

  • Styling Changes
    • We have made Styling changes to the Users, Suppliers and Accounting Software sections. New Edit and Delete icons are now presented to the right of each line in the settings tables.  This means less clicks to perform actions such as delete and edit.
    • Other Call to Action buttons are now positioned at the top of the tables meaning less scrolling to get to the main buttons you want to action!  
    • Other areas of the application will be receiving makeover's in the coming weeks.   


    • We are delighted to roll out our new Lightyear intro marketing video.  This was produced in house and we are very happy with the final product!

Introducing Lightyear from Lightyear on Vimeo.

Bug Fixes

  1. Admin's can now delete other users that have a status of 'Pending'
  2. Improvements to error handling when exporting to accountancy software
  3. Lightyear will no longer send a bill URL in the memo field. Instead this will now be sent in the custbody field

March 1st


  1. Various mapper improvements
  2. Minor style changes to the Bulk Upload feature


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