Line Item Data Extraction

Line Item Data Extraction

How long are you taking to manually enter your bills? Lightyear not only extracts data from your bills, we'll even give you the details - at speed! 

Imagine emailing a bill and having all that data already extracted for you. Well, Lightyear does just that!!  Don't spend hours on data entry. Automate it.

See below for an example of the unrivalled level of detail at a line item level. This is a typical result of a Product Line map.

With line item details, Lightyear can generate a csv file which you can then import to other third party systems such as those with Inventory requirements. This also allows you to run more insightful reports so you are empowered to make more data driven decisions for your business. See details on the Archive for information on how to run reports in Lightyear. 

The benefits extend to other features which include smart coding (auto-assign GL/Tax/Categories based on the product code), Price Checker as well as exporting to third party inventory solutions. Follow the links to find out more on each area.

Of course, you may not always want all that detail or sometimes suppliers don't even provide that level of insight. We also have Service Line maps available for use.

And Service Summary Maps for those who don't need the line items e.g. this format would be common for utility bills. 

Whatever your preference, Lightyear remembers what you want. See how to set this up and what type of maps you can ask for.


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