Mobile App - Error Messaging

Mobile App - Error Messaging

Here we'll be compiling error messages and resolutions for our iOS and Android apps.

An Error Occurred

If you're seeing 'an error occurred' when trying to use the Lightyear mobile app, this indicates that your account status might be 'New' and not yet 'Active'. 

What should I do?
  1. Check that you have completed the One Time Password (OTP) verification process as this is crucial in ensuring that your user status becomes 'Active' thus allowing you to create a new/access an existing Lightyear account.   
  2. If you think that your account is already 'Active', please contact your Administrator to check your account status.
    [Admin user: To check user's account status, please go to Users tab > search for user's name > Under Status
  3. If you're still experiencing issues after following the steps above, please kindly reach out to us at  


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