June 2022

June 2022

30th June

Bug Fix: Departments Not Visible

Fixes an issue where users, with the correct permissions, were not seeing Departments in Edit Supplier, thus preventing them from adding Suppliers to a department, and were unable to Filter accurately on Departments in Panel 1.

Bug Fix: Grouped Line Data by Supplier

Customers who have turned on Grouped Line Data in their Accountancy Software Settings needed to go through all Suppliers to individually turn this setting on.

Now, when Grouped Line Data is switched on, all Suppliers will automatically have this enabled, and users will need to turn this off individually.

29th June

Bug Fix: Prevent Duplicates Exporting for Auto Publish

While using Auto-Publish, duplicates were able to export into accountancy software without the customer being aware of this.

We have implemented a validation check to prevent any invoices that are flagged as Duplicates from exporting via Auto Publish. When a duplicate is detected, these documents will stop in Approvals until actioned by a user.

Bug Fix: Approving Tasks Not Saving Changes

In the My Tasks page, any changes made to the document were not saved when users with the Edit Approval Task permission clicked Approve.

The Approve button will also Save the changes made with this fix.

Bug Fix: Bulk Sign Off

We have released a couple fixes for the following issues surrounding Bulk Sign Off:
  1. When Conditional Approval was set to use Instead Of, users were not able to Bulk Sign Off invoices that were below the conditional values set

Bug Fix: Accountancy Software: Abcom - GL Code Error

Accounts connected to Abcom were not able to use the Bulk Sign Off feature due to an error surrounding a required GL Code. 

This has been resolved, allowing users to Bulk Sign Off
without a GL Code on the line items.

Bug Fix: Accountancy Software: Sage Intacct - Customer Import

The import for Customers from Sage Intacct to Lightyear was previously failing. These Customers can now be imported without error.

Bug Fix: Changing Supplier with Matched Bill/PO Lines

If a user tried to change the Supplier on an Invoice/PO that had previously matched Line Items, this would give an error.

We have locked this field down to prevent users from switching the Supplier while a line has been matched. To switch the Supplier, you will first need to unmatch all matched lines.

Bug Fix: Internal Server Error when Saving in Bill PO Matching Modal

When a Bill or PO had a lot of lines to be matched, clicking the Save button multiple times while the data was loading would give an Internal Server Error.

While data is loading in this modal, we have disabled the Save button. This will become enabled once all data has loaded.

28th June

Grouped Line Data by Supplier

We released the ability to group your line data by GL Code/Tax Rate at a Company Level, now users can do this per Supplier. 

When Grouped Data is turned on in Accountancy Software Settings, you can go into your Suppliers and select which ones you want to export with Grouped Data and which as regular Line Item detail.

To turn this on per Supplier, head over to the Supplier Rules area and select the check box on Group Line Item Data

Bug Fix: Unread Invoices in Approvals

With the enhancements yesterday to Panel 1, users lost the Unread counter in the Approvals tab. This has now returned to view.

Bug Fix: Purchase Orders - Maps Not Applying

Purchase Orders ingested to Lightyear via a 3rd Party System were getting stuck in the Processing tab, and a map could not be applied.

We have fixed this, allowing users to apply a map and send the PO to the Purchase Order Workflow.

27th June

Enhancements: Panel 1 Improvements

We have made more changes to how Panel 1 works, reducing loading times and improving the overall experience for users! (Especially those with 1000s of documents in their Approvals Workflow at any given time)

Within this change, while using the Filter on Departments, Suppliers, GL Codes and Categories, users will now see their full list available, rather than the selection within the current tab. We have also removed the sort on the Task column allowing us to make further enhancements to this area in the coming weeks. 

24th June

Bug Fix: Trial Accounts Unable to Select a Plan

Fixes an issue where customers who were on Trial were unable to select a Billing Plan after entering their card details.

23rd June

Bug Fix: Error on Receipts

When a document was uploaded as a Receipt, some users were seeing issues when trying to move the Receipts between tabs, or when trying to export.

This was due to the Receipt not being set to the correct file type, which has now been corrected. Any existing Receipts have been updated to the correct file type.

Bug Fix: Accountancy Software: Xero - Export Failures

Some Accounting Suppliers in Lightyear were causing issues when trying to export to Xero, due to a recent validation check implemented behind the scenes.

We have resolved this to continue the validation check, but allow valid export to succeed through to Xero.

22nd June

Purchase Orders: Suppliers

Users can now define a supplier as a PO Supplier, meaning they will be available to use the Supplier within the PO Workflow.

Suppliers can be set as Yes or No. If you do not want a Supplier to be selected from the dropdown list when creating a PO in Lightyear, or have the ability to use PO Matching, set the Supplier to No.

Please Note: All suppliers will automatically default to Yes, meaning they will be visible in the PO Workflow. If you don’t want certain suppliers available to use in POs, please change these to No.

Bug Fix: Accountancy Software: Xero - Attachments Not Received

Some users connected to Xero were seeing an issue where attachments were not being sent across to Xero in some circumstances. This was related to two issues:
  1. Where the original document file name contained one of the following characters: :()\/#+
  2. Any document that was exported as Doc Type: Credit Note
These attachments containing the above characters in the file names will now be replaced with a space, allowing these file names to export as attachments, and Credit Notes will export attachments as expected.

16th June

Bug Fix: Accountancy Software: Xero - Import All Contacts Button

While in Accountancy > Supplier Cards, some accounts connected to Xero were not able to see the Import All Contacts button. 

This is now visible for all accounts connected to Xero.

Bug Fix: Accountancy Software: Xero - Update Suppliers

When using Update Lightyear Suppliers, newly created Suppliers were not populating with a Country Code, which was causing some issues when certain actions were performed.

Any Suppliers created via Update Lightyear Suppliers that don't have a country code in Xero, will default with the same country code as your Lightyear account. For example, Australian accounts will default suppliers to AU, United Kingdom accounts will default suppliers to GB. 

14th June

Accountancy Software: Sage Intacct - Categories

Users can now select an option to Automatically apply Categories on line item level, which will apply any Category which is set as a default at Supplier, Keyword, Product or Description level.

Bug Fix: Bulk Return To Processing

If a user selected an invoice with matched line items to a Purchase Order and tried to return this to Processing, all invoices would fail to move. For example, in a selection of 10 invoices and 1 has matched lines, all 10 will fail.

With this fix, using the same example, 9 invoices would return to Processing and 1 would remain in the current tab as expected.

Bug Fix: Receipts

When Bulk Signing Off Receipts, some users were seeing issues where the Receipt would move to the wrong tab and seemingly disappear from the workflow.

This issue has been resolved and Receipts will move through to Signed Off as expected

10th June

Enhancement: Panel 1 Performance

We have made improvements within Panel 1 to make loading times quicker.

9th June

Bug Fix: Bulk Approval from My Tasks

When in My Tasks, when Bulk Approving multiple documents, the selection was sticking on the previously approved documents. This resulted in users clicking the Bulk Approve button repeatedly, and approving the same document multiple times.

Now, when a user Bulk Approves in My Tasks, their old selection will be removed, allowing them to select a new set of documents to approve.

Bug Fix: Purchase Orders: Approved By/Approval Date Fields on PDF

On the PDF of the Purchase Order created in Lightyear, when Auto Approve was turned on and a PO was Approved via a Task, the Approved By User and Approval Date were not populating.

This fix resolves this, inputting the correct data in the relevant fields on the PDF.

7th June

Email To Me

All users can now make use of the Email to Me function within the More menu. This will send the document to the email address you use to log into Lightyear.

Bank Details

When Bank Details are extracted via a map, we will ignore any characters that are not numerical allowing for a smoother matching process. This applies to the BSB/Sort Code and Account Number fields.

Bug Fix: Purchase Orders: Edit After Order Permission

Previously, a user needed the Edit After Order permission in order to Close a line item. This was causing issues for users who had the Complete permission and needed to Close/Complete the PO.

This has been opened up to allow any user with either the Edit After Order or Complete permissions to close the line item on the PO.

6th June

Bug Fixes: Bulk Actions in Approvals

The following issues have now been resolved, allowing users to Bulk Approve documents:
  1. Users with the Standard User: Approve Permission were unable to Approve invoices in bulk from the Approvals tab.

1st June

Bug Fixes: Bulk Actions in Approvals

The following issues have now been resolved, allowing users to Bulk Approve documents:
  1. When a document had multiple GL Codes across different lines, resulting in a Split GL Code displaying in Panel 1, users were not able to Sign Off because of a 'Missing GL Code' error
  2. When a document in Review had Approved Conditional Approvals, users were not able to Sign Off the document because of a 'Pending Approval Task' error

Bug Fixes: Accounting Software: Xero

The following issues have now been resolved for Xero users:
  1. When using Send Product Code, users were unable to export Bill Type - Service/Credit Note Service to Xero as there was a missing Product Code
  2. in Panel 1, users were only seeing one Category, where two were active. This was preventing users from effectively Sorting and Filtering on the columns


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