June 2019

June 2019

June 20th

Feature Releases

  • The ability to send Bill Tasks has existed for a while in Lightyear, and is one of our more popular features, allowing you to get approval to process a bill from another Lightyear user or someone externally. We've now rolled out some major improvements based on our customers feedback
    • Manager Approval - Set up Managers in Lightyear to act as a second stage of approval for bill tasks. Once the original task is approved, a second is automatically generated and sent to the user's Manager for further approval.
    • Automatic Approval - Previously, bills still needed to be manually approved in the approval workflow even after a Bill Task was approved. But no more! Enable this setting so that bills automatically move to the next stage of the approval workflow once the task is approved. A huge time saving feature that really simplifies the approval process
  • Click here for the full updated support article on Bill Tasks


  • After deleting a bill, the next bill in the list will automatically be selected, saving you a finger click. These add up over time!

  • The Feature bell can now be dismissed once new announcements have been read
  • You can now use the Tab key to move to the next field when manually entering a bill, and to create a new line. Manually enter bills as fast as your fingers will allow, there's no stopping you now.

June 13th

Feature Releases - Automatic Statement Reconciliation

  • A huge deal and a much requested feature, Lightyear can now automatically reconcile your statements, and makes it easy for you to reach out and request any missing bills. Click here for more information


  • When searching for a map, you can now select what type of map you need from the 'Mapping Type' drop down
  • Minor improvements to the Sage 200 export


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