July 2023

July 2023

27th July

Accountancy/Inventory Software: Other - Templates

If you have multiple Lightyear accounts, all using the same software under 'Other', reach out to our support team and ask them to Create a Template for you.

Once created, you can select the premade export mapping across multiple Lightyear accounts, prepopulating the Export Fields on the left-hand side of the screen!

19th July

Accounting Software: iplicit

We have launched our API with iplicit into beta!! 🎉

Both new and existing Lightyear accounts can connect to iplicit through the Accountancy area. Full details of the integration and set up can be found here!

5th July

Infinite Scroll on Supplier Filter

When viewing your Suppliers in the Filter dropdown, you will now be limited to viewing 50 at a time rather than the full list. As you start to scroll down the list, you will be presented with an additional 50, and so on as you go.

If you know what you're searching for, you can quickly find the Supplier by typing in the Search box, which will display all results that match. If you have 50+ results after searching, the same will apply - as you continue to scroll down, more will load.

Archive: View Bills/POs in New Tab

You can now open Bills and Purchase Orders in a new tab or window from the Archive!

When you see blue, underlined text on a Bill # or PO Number, right click and select Open in new tab/window.
Please Note: If you make any changes to the document in another tab, the Archive view of the document won't change. You will need to re-run the search and select the document again to see the changes.


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