July 2019

July 2019

July 18th

Feature Release!  Automatic Map Filtering

Over the coming months we have a series of feature releases designed to make the process of extracting data from bills, receipts and statements even quicker and easier.  Our first feature update is Automatic Map Filtering and automatic application of the most popular map.  
  • When you receive a bill from a supplier for the first time, our Find Map / Try Map process will now automatically filter out any maps that do not work and automatically extract the data using the most popular map (if applicable) .  This means you will see full line by line data extracted from a supplier bill in REAL TIME with two clicks.   This new process has reduced the number of clicks in an average find map process by 70%.   Check out the video below to see it in action.  
  • We'll filter out maps that don't fit your bill, making it easier for you to find the one you want. We've also reduced the number of clicks required to search for and try maps. See the full effect in the video below

  1. We will be releasing automatic data extraction from receipts in less than one minute, no maps required, in the coming weeks.   Be sure to keep reading the Release notes to stay up to speed!

Feature Release!  Customisable Panel Layouts

You can now quickly and easily adjust the view layout in the application.  One of the unique and most popular features of Lightyear is our 3 panel layout which means you can always see all the data you require and the document image in one screen.  However, we also have listened to customer feedback and we are delighted to now offer the ability to quickly change the layout to a 2 panel layout, allowing one click access to expand the information on screen that you want to see .  See the GIF below for a working example.  


  1. Cost centre's are now editable in Accounting software settings.  


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