January 29th 2019 Style Changes

January 29th 2019 Style Changes

Lightyear has had a makeover!  

We've been working hard to implement some visual changes as well as some quality of life improvements to our 3 Panel Layout, guided by your feedback, to help improve how you view and manage your bills within Lightyear. 

Click here to watch a video of our new changes or read on. 

Visually we have made improvements to make your bill information more pronounced. Fields are now presented on white background and the box backgrounds have been replaced with underline boarders to put the focus on the data.   

From a usability perspective, we've allowed for more rows visible on screen at a time. Below is a comparison to see what's changed within the layout.
  • Header - Reduced the default Header fields presented at the top of Panel 2 to 6 (Doc Type, Supplier, Bill No,Bill Date, Due Date & P/0rder) .  This has allowed us to display more line items on the screen and present more data without the need to scroll.  
  • Global Drop-downs - Moved to a new Line Item Header format.  Global drop down selectors for Currency, Taxed, Tax codes, GL Codes, Categories are now located directly above the fields they relate to.  
  • View More Fields -  The Currency drop-down has now been moved to the above Line Item Header
  • Save Changes - The Save Changes and Reset buttons are now located to the bottom left of the bill information, and are always visible on screen even when scrolling down through multiple line items so this can be accessed quickly and easily regardless of how many lines your bill has
  • Minor styling - Re-sized and styled the Call to Action buttons

New Lightyear
Old Lightyear

We hope you love the new look! These changes help create a smoother and more intuitive experience, and we're always look for ways to do more. Let us know what you think and what changes you'd like to see in a future update.


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