January 2020

January 2020

January Feature Releases

New Year, New beginnings.  We are delighted to roll into 2020 with another major feature release focused around further speed and performance enhancements for larger documents.  

Enhanced Image Viewer & Download Function

  1. We have updated our Image viewing technology to load images more quickly and in higher resolution.  You can now zoom into images and retain full high quality definition as well as download the source PDF by clicking on the Download button in the Panel 3 image viewer.  Lightyear is all about speed and accuracy and we are excited to bring this further firepower into the product.  

Faster Line item loading for our Large Businesses

  1. One of the many benefits of Lightyear is that it can scale to large businesses and extract data in seconds from hundreds of pages.  We have changed how we load GL codes, categories and line item information to speed up the load time for our largest business customers who are processing many line items and may have tens of thousands of products, suppliers and Departments.  

Processing Tab Improvements

  1. The Processing tab has undergone a makeover, making it easier for new users to start processing bills in Lightyear. Functionality remains the same so existing users have nothing to worry about, but new on screen prompts guides users through Processing flow

  2. We have also refreshed the Panel 2 messaging when auto-mapper does not automatically find a Map.  The functionality remains the same, you can select 'Extract my Data' which will bring you to the Find Map workflow or choose to manually enter the data if you need to process your documents in a hurry

New  Upload Widget for Product List

  1. If you use Lightyear for Inventory or Price Checking, we've made it even easier to upload your suppliers line by line default settings including price lists, Gl Codes, Descriptions and Effective dates for price checking.   Simply map what each column contains is and we'll take care of the rest.
  2. You can upload GL Codes and tracking categories in Bulk, this has been a major feature request from 2019 and we are receiving great feedback from our Beta User group.
  3. Click here for the full guide.

  1. You can now create a new supplier from within the Statements Section
  2. We have made our multi-site ID feature less precise to allow for slight variations in Address matching.
  3. Multiple bug fixes and Enhancements


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