Release Notes - January 2019

January 2019

January 31st

Feature Releases !

  • Price Checker functionality has been added to the Disputed tab!  You can now quickly see which products you have been overcharged from the Disputed Tab.
  • Lightyear Gets personal! 
    • Users can now upload a photo to their profile.  The profile photo will be displayed throughout the App wherever the user is recorded in the audit trail.  

Users can now change the order that maps are tried when receiving a bill from a supplier. This is done through the Supplier settings


  • Adding a new line on a service bill in the In Tray will default the quantity to "1"

January 30th

Feature Releases

  • Lightyear is now in Beta in Canada, South Africa, Guinea, and Tonga


  • When using Other Accounting Software, service bills will now export with a quantity of 1 if no quantity is detected
  • When searching for a Map, an 'Alternative Supplier Name' will now be displayed if one exists
  • Improvements to how results are sorted when searching for a map

January 29th

Feature Releases

  • Major style changes across all Trays to give you more bill information at a glance and a more intuitive work flow process. Check out this article for more detailed info on what has changed


  • In the Filing Cabinet, the 'Bills Not Yet Exported' option now works as intended
  • Fixed an issue where the accounting Export for Adept could on rare occasion export an incorrect total

January 28th


  • When emailing a bill to yourself using Email To Me, the name of the account it was sent from will now show in the subject line

  • Fixed an issue where specific file types would cause an email to not be sent to the accounts redirect email
  • Company picker now displays the @Lightyear email address as well as company name which are searchable.  Much easier to find the accounts if you have a parent account with many children.

January 17th


  • Fixed an issue that prevented certain bills from reaching a users Lightyear account. If you think you may have missed some bills, ask your supplier for a statement and to resend any that are missing.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes meant bills would be mapped to the wrong supplier
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes allowed lines to be exported to Inventory, even if they weren't selected in the Inventory Tab
  • Fixed an issue that caused Categories to arrive incorrectly into Xero on occasion
  • Changes to how Lightyear URLs are sent to Netsuite

January 15th


  • Pending Users are now displayed in the child company user list.
  • Improved performance for the Product List
  • Lightyear will now notify you if it can't find an image for a bill
  • When using Other accounting software, the Cost Centre dropdown in the In Tray will now display the Cost Centre code and description

January 10th

Feature Releases

  • Line item bills can now be added to Inventory directly from the filing cabinet


  • Users with Approver and Unknowns permissions can now send bills to the In Tray
  • Inactive Users on a Child account are now visible in the Users section  so admins can see if they are active or not and send password reminders and resets

January 9th


  • Speed improvements on Tab loading times, much punchier App experience
  • Company picker now has a search option to find the company you want to log into quicker.  

  • Expanded company picker range to handle up to 2000 companies to cater for our partners and super users with many companies.
  • Fixed bug preventing some users from manually entering bills in unknowns.
  • Architecture upgrades to handle increased capacity and deliver App stabilisation and enhanced performance at peak periods.
  • Updated the reference field being sent to Xero to send the Bill number rather than the invoice unique identifier
  • Set the default image viewer setting 5% larger.  This will remove whitespace around the image and result in the data being more easily distinguished on the image

January 8th


  • Mapper enhancements
  • 'Approver Status' can now return to In-tray from Inventory
  • Warning message now appears if Lightyear detects multiple bills in one file , prompting user to split bills.
  • Stability improvements to API connections with third parties which were experiencing random disconnects.
  • Fixed a bug which was resulting in duplicate products being created within the products and export to inventory feature

January 4th


  • Admins can now opt-in and out of their overage policy from the billing home screen.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the full screen button on a bill image from working
  • When exporting to MYOB AccountRightLive, the Lightyear Invoice URL will now be sent to the 'Comments' Field.
  • Fixed an issue with Xero where if 2 default tracking categories were set for a supplier, only 1 would populate in the In Tray
  • Approvers can now Add To Inventory from the Approved tab.

January 2nd

Feature Releases

  • When using Email To Me, the subject line of the email will now let users know which account the bill was emailed from


  • Improvements to our Mapper to better handle invoices with 'long nodes'.
  • Fixes to sorting functionality across all tabs.
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases, the Default Tax Rate set for a specific Supplier wouldn't carry across to bills.  
  • Fixed an issue where removing a user from a Child account would result in them being removed from all Child accounts.
  • added further filtering on departments feature to apply to users with 'Unknowns' permissions.
  • Users can now enter an original Bill Number against a Credit Note when manually entering data.
  • Pronto export format tweaks.  Pronto export is now out of Beta.
  • Some minor fixes to Task Xchange inventory exports.  Task Xchange is now out of beta


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