Is there a size limit on attachments being sent into Lightyear?

Is there a size limit on attachments being sent into Lightyear?

File Size Limitations

There are a couple of limits in place to help maintain snappy app performance:
  1. A single attachment can be no larger than 10mb
  2. The total size of all attachments in an email combined can be no larger than 25mb
However, this generally won't be something to worry about. The average size of a single page PDF bill is around 100KB, so you'd need around 250 regular sized bills to hit the overall limit. If you have any concerns about attachment sizes, let us know and we can talk you through it.

It's important to note that any bills exceeding these limits will be forwarded on to the redirect email that you set up in your Company Settings, and if you haven't got one set up these will simply bounce back to the sender.


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