Splitting and grouping bills

How to split and group documents

Splitting attachments

On occasion, your supplier may send you a PDF that contains more than one bill. As this is 1 file, Lightyear will read this as 1 bill, making it difficult to accurately apply maps and extract information. See the below example

You can see under Qty (quantity), Lightyear is detecting 1 bill, but the file itself has 4 pages. These 4 pages are 4 separate bills, just within the one PDF file.

To accurately map these, you'll need to split the file into separate files for each bill. To split a file, click More, then Split All Pages from the list. 

Using the example from above, Lightyear will now correctly display that the email has 4 attachments, meaning each attachment can now be applied with it's own map so data is extracted accurately. You can change which bill you're viewing and working with by using the Previous Bill and Next Bill buttons.

Grouping attachments

As an inverse to the above, sometimes you may need to group pages together. If a bill has come through in multiple parts, you can group these so Lightyear treats them as the one attachment.

To do this, just select the More option when viewing a bill, and select either Group All Invoices to group all attachments from an email together, or Group with Next/Previous Invoice to only group certain pages together. In short, Grouping is the opposite of Splitting.

Note that bills can be group and/or split only in the  Processing Tab and we can only group documents of the same file type


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