How to Re-Export Invoices

How to Re-Export Invoices

Once an invoice has been exported and has gone to the Archive tab it cannot be removed or edited. If editing the invoice in the accountancy or inventory software isn't feasible, then you may want to re-export from Lightyear again.

Re-Exporting a batch of invoices

To re-export a batch of invoices go to the Archive tab. In the Doc Type field, select Exported Batches

In the File Created field click on the drop down box & select the file date/time you need to re-export, then click on the Search button

Within the Search Results tab you will have the ability to Re-Export to your Accountancy Software.

Please Note: Depending on your Accountancy Software you may not see this button. Only users that are connected to a software that generates a CSV will have the ability to Re-Export.
Please Note: You cannot make any changes or edits to the invoice before it’s re-exported. It will export the batch exactly as it was previously. If you need to re-export due to an error in the data, please reupload a copy of the document to Lightyear and export again with the needed changes.

Re-Exporting a single invoice

Firstly, you will need to email yourself a copy of the invoice and then email it back into your Lightyear account. To get a copy of the invoice, highlight it:
  1. Download the attachment from Panel 3 and Upload the document again into your account
  2. Click on More > Email to Me.
  3. Once you receive it you can forward it to your email address
When it arrives in the Processing tab you need to apply the map and make sure everything is in order. If the map that was applied to it originally was correct, then it helps to find out which map number you used from the Invoice history and apply the same one (or perhaps a different one). 
Warning: When the second copy arrives in your Approvals tab, both will be flagged with a red duplicate icon.
You may therefore want to leave a note stating what's been done and why, otherwise it may cause confusion later on. Don't forget to put a note on the original invoice as well as the new invoice. It will serve as a great reminder and wider visibility to other users.


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