How to Re-Export Invoices

How to Re-Export or Unarchive Invoices

Re-Exporting a batch of invoices

To re-export a batch of invoices go to the Archive tab. In the Doc Type field, select Exported Batches

In the File Created field click on the drop down box & select the file date/time you need to re-export, then click on the Search button

Within the Search Results tab you will have the ability to Re-Export to your Accountancy Software.

Please Note: Depending on your Accountancy Software you may not see this button. Only users that are connected to a software that generates a CSV will have the ability to Re-Export.
Please Note: You cannot make any changes or edits to the invoice before it’s re-exported. It will export the batch exactly as it was previously. If you need to re-export due to an error in the data, please reupload a copy of the document to Lightyear and export again with the needed changes.

Re-Exporting a Single Invoice

If you are connected to an API Accountancy Software (e.g. Xero, QuickBooks Online, MYOB, etc.), you will need to send the Document back to the Signed off tab. Information on how to do this can be found below.

If you are exporting to a desktop-based Accountancy Software, importing via a CSV, you can click on More > Export Document, which will generate a CSV with the one document.

Return to Signed Off

If you are connected to an API Accountancy Software (e.g. Xero, QuickBooks Online, MYOB, etc.), you can return the document to Signed Off, and export from there. 

Alternatively, if you need to make any changes to the document or get further approval, you can Return to Signed Off.

To do this, click More > Return to Signed Off.

Please Note: Only Admin and Review & Export users will see this button.
Please Note: Return to Signed Off and Export Document will not consume a second credit. You will only receive a charge for the first instance of export.


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