How do I delete a bill

How do I delete a document?

From the Processing/Approvals/Review tabs use the trash-can icon beside the More button

In the Processing tab, if your document has more than one attachment, you can either delete the entire email, or delete the attachment you're currently viewing the two icons below are different. 

Use the trash can on the left to delete the entire email and the one on the right to delete the attachment you're currently viewing

From the Signed Off tab, you need to return the bill to the previous tab before trashing it.

Trash in your Archive

Anything that has been trashed is retrievable for a limited time of 30 days. 

You can retrieve a bill from the Trash for up to 30 days by searching for it in the Archive. Just make sure the Include Trash option is checked.

Trashed Processing

If you have trashed a document from the workflow, they have been extracted and therefore linked to supplier/document details. However, if you Trash an item from the Processing tab, it will not have the defined data linked to it. Therefore, you will need to search for Trashed Processing from the dropdown list. 

Reinstate a deleted document

If you've accidentally deleted a bill, don't panic! Now you know how to find them, you can search for your trashed items, select the document you're after and click Reinstate bill to bring it out of the Trash and back into the Processing/Approvals tab. Presto! It's back in your workflow.


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