How do I keep my Lightyear and QBO records up to date?

How do I keep my Lightyear and QuickBooks Online records up to date?

Because Lightyear and QuickBooks Online are both cloud solutions, our connection makes it easy to keep both accounts up to date. 

We've created a button under each component (GL Codes, Suppliers, Tax rates, Categories) to allow you to Import from QuickBooks Online any time you want. 

So for example, if you've created new supplier cards in QuickBooks Online, you only need to click Import Suppliers from QuickBooks Online to bring them all across rather than recreating new records in Lightyear. Conversely, if you've created a new supplier in Lightyear, this will automatically create a new one in QuickBooks Online upon export. See below:

Keeping Suppliers up to date:

Accountancy > Supplier Cards > Edit > Import Suppliers from QuickBooks Online

Keeping GL Codes up to date:

 Accountancy> GL Codes >Edit > Import from QuickBooks Online

Keeping Tax Rates up to date:

Accountancy> Tax Rates > Edit > Import from QuickBooks Online

Keeping Classes/Locations up to date:

Accountancy> Classes/Locations > Edit > Import from QuickBooks Online


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