Step 6: Get the Lightyear mobile app

Step 6: Get the mobile app

Make your accounts payable even easier with the new Lightyear mobile app, available for Android and iOS devices. Users can snap pictures of their receipts, bills, then upload them to any of their accounts instantly, and approve anything available to them in the Approvals tab.

Where to download the Lightyear App

 - Requires iOS 11.0 or later
 - Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Using the mobile app

Once you have the app installed, you'll need to log in using your regular login details. This will allow you to to select any Company that you are currently a user of. 

You can change which company you're logged into at any time by using the Company Picker at the top of the screen.

When logged into the app, click the Upload Doc to select a document type then choose if you want to take a photo or upload from your camera roll.
Note: that on the first time doing this, you may need to grant permission for Lightyear to access your Camera or Camera Roll.
You can also choose to send all images as receipts, by enabling the Upload as Receipt option within the app settings. More information can be found here on receipt extraction

You can also choose to send all images as receipts, by enabling the Upload as Receipt option within the app settings.

Take a picture of the receipt or the bill you want to upload, and within seconds it will appear in the relevant Processing Tab You can easily identify which bills were uploaded through the mobile app by the symbol to the left of the email.  Once a Receipt is uploaded, you will see a Grey Receipt icon to the right in Panel 1:

Approving Bills

By clicking into the Approvals, you'll be able to see your bills, just like when logged into Lightyear. Note that if your company uses Departments, you'll only be able to see bills in your Department(s).

You'll see summary data for each bill, including
  • The bill date
  • Supplier
  • Bill amount
Tapping into any bill will load an image of the bill, and you can swipe left and right for various actions.
  • Swipe right to Approve a bill
  • Swipe left to Delete, Attach files, check the Notes and Dispute a bill

When adding a note, you can also use the "@" symbol to mention users on Lightyear to directly notify them to your note.

Approving Bill Tasks

If you are sent a bill task by another user in Lightyear, you can action these through the Lightyear mobile app, just as you would normally.
When you open the app, you'll see a red notification on the Tasks tab if there are any new tasks needing your attention.

Tap into a Task to see a preview of the bill itself, then hold and swipe right to Approve the bill, or to the left to Decline, mark as Not for Me or leave a note.

Now you're ready to spread the word to really see Lightyear in full swing.

Let's invite the team to let them know what this means for them!


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