February 2023

February 2023

27th February

Accountancy Software: Categories

Some users were seeing the incorrect list of Categories from their Accountancy Software, whereas others were experiencing an issue where Tracking Categories were not exporting to Xero correctly.

Both issues have been resolved.

17th February

Enhancement: Bulk Supplier Upload

We have added some additional fields to our Bulk Supplier Upload feature:
  1. Grouped Line Data
  2. Auto Export
  3. PO Supplier
  4. Lightyear Departments
For full information on how to Upload these via CSV, click here.

Bug Fix: Users Unable to Login when 2FA is Enabled

If a user has access to one Lightyear account with 2 Factor Authentication enabled, they were unable to login for the first time, as 2FA had not yet been enabled on their User Profile.

Now, users in this scenario will be sent directly into their My Profile area, where they can enable 2FA and add their Mobile Number to receive the authentication code.

Bug Fix: Accountancy Software: QuickBooks Online - Customers Not Visible

Some customers were seeing an issue where QuickBooks Online Customers were disappearing in Panel 2 after switching between accounts. These will now be visible at all times when enabled in a Lightyear account.

2nd February

Accountancy Software: Sage Intacct - Posting Date

Lightyear will now use the Date a document is Exported as the Posting Date within Sage Intacct.

This applies to Invoices, Credit Notes and Receipts.


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