Exporting from Lightyear to Xero

Exporting from Lightyear to Xero

From the Signed Off tab in Lightyear,  choose which invoices to export by selecting or deselecting under the tickbox column or individuals, then click the Export to Xero button.  

At the end of the export process, you will get a confirmation on screen that the export has been successful.  The bills will then disappear from the Signed Off tab, and they will get filed automatically in your Lightyear Archive.

To export a bill to Xero, the bill MUST have a due date assigned

With Xero, there are a few Software Settings to consider that will impact your export. Consider these items below:
  1. Exporting as Awaiting Payment vs Awaiting Approval
  2. Sending attachments to Xero
  3. Exporting Line Item vs Service to Xero
  4. Send Product Codes

Notes and Tips

  1. No purchase order number information will be sent to Xero as part of the Lightyear export
  2.  When Lightyear passes the supplier bill number to Xero it will be displayed in the “Reference” number field in Xero.
  3. Xero allows for duplicate bills to be received from the same supplier so please be careful not to approve and export the bill multiple times.  Lightyear flags duplicates to you using the double red icon. If you see this icon in Lightyear, click on it and Lightyear will present to you where each bill is, allowing you to choose which one to delete.
  4. When Lightyear exports a due date to Xero, the due date sent to Xero from Lightyear will over-write the default payment term settings within Xero.

Delay Exporting

If there is a delay in exporting (after clicking Export the screen continues to try to process the export & shows a little spinning circle), it's good practice to check in Xero whether the invoices made it there or not. If they aren't in Xero you can try the export again, but not until you log out of Lightyear, close your page and re-open another.  Please make sure you don't get impatient and try it repeatedly, just try once more.

If it's still happening please contact the Lightyear support team & we will investigate what's causing the problem.
On very rare occasions there can be a break in the network at a crucial moment or an error occurring, which causes the invoices to remain in your Signed Off tab, but the invoices actually do make it into Xero. This can happen because Xero did not send the trigger to us that it's received them, so we keep them in your Signed off tab. If this ever happens you will need to contact us at support@teamlightyear.cloud


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