Exporting from Lightyear to AccountsIQ

Exporting from Lightyear to AccountsIQ

From the Signed Off tab in Lightyear, select the invoices you want to export and press the Export to accountsIQ button. Any invoices that you have selected will be exported to accountsIQ. 

Once exported, these invoices can be found under the relevant Supplier (called Account Name in accountsIQ), in Purchases > Item Invoices or Batch Invoices, depending on your Settings

  1. No purchase order number information will be sent to accountsIQ as part of the Lightyear export
  1. The Accountancy Supplier in Lightyear will be displayed as the Account Name in accountsIQ.

Delay Exporting

If there is a delay exporting (after clicking Export the screen continues to try to process the export & shows a little spinning circle), it's good practice to check in accountsIQ whether the invoices made it there or not. If they aren't in accountsIQ you can try the export again, but not until you log out of Lightyear, close your page and re-open another.  Please make sure you don't get impatient and try it repeatedly, just try once more.

If it's still happening please contact the Lightyear support team & we will investigate what's causing the problem.
On very rare occasions there can be a break in the network at a crucial moment or an error occurring, which causes the invoices to remain in your Signed Off tab, but the invoices actually do make it into accountsIQ. This can happen because accountsIQ did not send the trigger to us that it's received them, so we keep them in your Signed off tab. If this ever happens you will need to contact us at support@teamlightyear.cloud

Where to Find Exported Invoices in Accounts IQ

Lightyear exports into AccountsIQ into the Batch Invoices or Item Invoices area, this will depend on your Lightyear settings.

Head over to Purchases > Batch Invoices, or Purchases > Item Invoices, and find the relevant Invoice Number under the 'Reference' column.


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