Can I do Expenses?

Can I do Expenses?

Can I do my Expenses and Petty Cash in Lightyear?


Just like you would with supplier invoices, Lightyear can provide you with a template (found below) that you can download and customise. 
Once you download the template, you can edit and customise it in order to place your own company logo, items and details. Then send it straight into your Lightyear address.

How do I download the Expenses/Petty Cash Template?

Simply click the document attached at the bottom of this article to download the template. This will download into your chosen destination within your computers files (usually  downloads).
Once downloaded, open the document and edit as you would with any other excel form. Editable cells are changed by clicking in the cell itself. The layout, boarders and box positions are not editable.
The Template will look like this:

I've updated the template with my details, what now?

Once you have all of the information you have from your Expenses or Petty Cash fill in on the template. Save it as a PDF with a relevant name.
Open your emails and send the template as an attachment to your "*****" address. The file and the information extracted will show in you processing tab and will follow your preferred workflow.

Once the map has applied, you can then set the supplier to the document in exactly the same way you would with anything in Lightyear. You can use the name of the person who owns these expenses, or have a petty cash set up if using the template for petty cash. adding the supplier now will ensure that each time you send this in in the future, that the document will appear immediately in the approvals.

NOTE: Each new individual for each expenses form will need its own supplier (name of person who's expense form it is) set against the document. This means that once exported, you can search via the persons name and bring up their specific expenses in your Accounting Software and within the Lightyear Archives.


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