Export error messages

Where can I find error logs when documents didn't export?

Sometimes you might have an issue with exporting your documents and you may see an error message to let you know that your documents have not in fact successfully exported. 

Check your Activity for clues

In Panel 1, select the document in question. Go to Panel 2, click on Activity and select Activity (next to Notes) to view the history of this bill.

This will give you an audit trail of all the actions taken on this bill and in this case, a log of the error message that is returned by your accounting software.

If you have multiple bills that were unsuccessful, please check each document as the error message may be different for each one.

Check the following articles for common error messages related to your chosen accounting software.
  1. Xero
  2. MYOB
  3. Netsuite
Should the error message you see  not be listed in these articles, please contact our support team with a screenshot of the error message. 


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