December 2019

December 2019

December Feature Releases

The Holiday season is here and to kick it off we'd like to introduce our new Releases Notes format. Let us know what you think of our new look! We have some great new features for you with this release. Check them out right here:

New Due date column

  1. We have added a new column for our users in Panel 1. The 'Due date' column has arrived, making it easier for our users to check which bills need paid when and how to prioritise their workflow. 

New Line Tax amount column in Panel 2

  1. We have also added a new column for our users in Panel 2. The 'Line Tax Amount' Column has been added, adding one more layer of visibility for our users. 

Dynamically Add / Remove Columns in panels 1 & 2

  1. As you may have noticed in the above screenshots we have added a new button in Panel 1 & 2. With the addition of these extra columns, things can seem a bit hectic. To combat this, we now allow our users to choose which columns they would like displayed in Lightyear.
  2. In Panel 1 we can choose to hide or display 5 columns: Departments, Due Date, Bill Number, Goods and Tax. 

  1. In Panel 2 it allows users to hide or display 4 columns: Unit Price, tax Amount, Nominal Code and Department. 

  1. This offers our users more unique customisation of Lightyear to fit the needs of their businesses, rather than cluttering up their screens with information they don't need to see. Here it is in action:


  1. We can now use OCR to extract data from TIFF files


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