Single Company Dashboard

The Single Company Dashboard will give you an at a glance update of all bills currently in the approvals workflow, for the account you're currently viewing. You'll see a breakdown of each tab within the approvals process, including how many bills are at each stage and how many require action. These are:
  • Processing - See how many bills are currently in your processing tab. A pie chart breaks down how many new bills you have received, how many require to be manually entered and how many have a map waiting to be applied
  • Awaiting Approval - See how many bills are currently in your Approvals tab, how many are Unread and the total value of all bills in this tab. You'll also be able to see how many bills are in the Disputed tab
  • In Review - See how many bills are currently in the Review tab. See how many are Unread, and the total value of all bills in this tab
  • Signed Off - See how many bills are currently in the Signed Off tab,  the total value of all bills in this tab and when you last Exported bills to your accounting software

You can click into any section of the Dashboard, which will take you to the relevant section of the app to view bills in more detail

Currently the Dashboard is available to users set up as Admins, or as a User with Accounts Payable permission. Note that if the Accounts Payable user doesn't have Processing permissions, they won't see the Processing chart in the Dashboard.

Dashboard Views

You can toggle the Dashboard between two main views:
  • Due Date - This is the default view. With this enabled, you'll see a chart in the Awaiting Approval, In Review and Signed Off sections showing how many bills are overdue, and how many are approaching their due date (if one has been mapped/entered)
  • Days Awaiting Action - With this enabled, you'll see how long each bill has been waiting in the current tab
You can also choose whether you want to view the data as charts (the default view), or if you'd prefer you can view the raw data

You can toggle between these using the buttons to the top right of the Dashboard

Parent Dashboard

If you're a user of more than one account, upon logging into Lightyear you'll be presented with the Parent Dashboard.

The Parent Dashboard shows you all Parent/Child accounts that you're currently registered to , regardless of your individual role of any specific account.  

The Parent Dashboard provides you with a quick summary view of all the required action items across all of your accounts.  You can also click into the individual Lightyear accounts from the Dashboard. 

Note - If you do not have permissions to view a particular Tab within an account, when you click through to that account, you will be presented with the relevant tab(s) that you have permissions to view.  eg:  If you have approver only permission, you will only see the Approval tab.  


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