Customisable Approval Process

Customisable Approval Process

If you're looking for more than just data extraction, you're probably looking to advance to streamlining your processes and approvals! Lightyear has a scalable approvals that you can customise and can grow with you as your business grows too. 

Starting with the basics. At the core, you have three main approval set ups: 

Let's see the below set up and what that means for your preferred set up.


With our Single approval set up, you can have one approver to Sign Off all your bills. Once it's in the Signed Off tab, it's then ready for export to your accounting software.


If you have another layer of approvers, then Double is the next best option here. This allows you to have a user Approve the bills. See below:

From the Approvals tab, you'll notice the main difference in this set up is the introduction of the Review tab. Here you could have your Accounts Payable team perform validation checks before signing off. Once it's in the Signed Off tab, it's then ready for export to your accounting software.


For those that need a higher level of approvals including an executive approval process, have a look at this option. You can have up all bills require up to executive approvals before they move on to the Signed Off tab.  

This set up has 1 executive approver. This means that all bills require a user with Executive permissions to Executive Approve a bill within the Review tab before it can progress to the Signed Off tab. The green avatar indicates which ones have been approved. The grey avatar indicates those still yet to be approved. Once it's in the Signed Off tab, it's then ready for export to your accounting software.

See All about Approvals for more advanced customisations. If you have any other questions, reach out to our team on


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