Creating a Custom Prefix for Purchase Orders

Creating a Custom Prefix for Purchase Orders

Lightyear automatically defaults all Purchase Order Numbers to default to PO as a prefix. If you want to create your own Prefix, or use multiple Prefixes, you can do so by following these steps.

Creating a New Prefix

Head over to Company Settings > Purchase Orders, under the PO Prefixes section you can add in multiple Prefixes to be used when creating a new PO within Lightyear.

Click the + Prefix button, and enter the new Prefix within the popup window. Click Save and you will see the newest addition added to the PO Prefixes list.

Changing Transaction Numbers

If you have used a PO system prior to Lightyear, you may have had a number of POs created historically. These may have run in a sequence, with the last PO number created outside of Lightyear being PO4589. When you move to Lightyear, rather than the PO Number starting over at 1, you can update the PO Transaction Number to start at PO4590.

To do this, go to Company Settings > Purchase Orders and under the PO Transaction Numbers section, enter the new PO number and click Override Sequence Number.

The next PO created within Lightyear will start at this number, with the selected PO Prefix.

How to Use a Custom Prefix

When creating a Purchase Order, click the dropdown on the Prefix field. You will be presented with the Prefixes previously created in Company Settings.

When creating this PO, using the above example on Transaction Number, the PO number will be LY4590.

If your Lightyear account only uses one prefix, this will automatically populate in the Prefix field. If there are more than one prefixes, users will need to specify which prefix to use when creating a PO.


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