Copy Purchase Order from Existing Purchase Order or Invoice

Copy Purchase Order from Existing Purchase Order or Invoice

Quickly copy the information from an existing Purchase Order or Invoice to create a new PO with the click of a button!

Copy from Existing Purchase Order

When in the PO Workflow, select the PO you need to copy and click the Copy PO button   within Panel 2 to copy the information to a new PO.

Users will be taken to the Create PO screen with the following information prepopulated:
  1. Supplier Name
  2. Email
  3. PO Date (this will be updated to todays date)
  4. Delivery Address
  5. Delivery Contact
  6. Approver
  7. Reference
  8. Product Code/Description/Quantity
  9. Unit Price/Amount
  10. Taxed/Tax Code/GL Code/Categories
  11. Notes/Delivery Instructions 

Please Note: The Prefix and Delivery Date will need to be selected and entered again, as this information could change with each PO.

Copy from Existing Invoice

The same can be done from an invoice within the Approvals Workflow or Archive. To do so, go to an existing Invoice in either of these locations and click  More Create PO.

A new PO will be generated using the below information available from the invoice:
  1. Supplier Name
  2. PO Date (this will be updated to todays date)
  3. Product Code/Description/Quantity
  4. Unit Price/Amount
  5. Taxed/Tax Code/GL Code/Categories

Please Note: As a PO and Invoice have slightly different information, users will need to manually select the Prefix, Department, Email, Delivery Address/Contact/Date/Instructions, Approver and Reference.


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