Copy GL Codes, Categories and Misc. Ref from Purchase Order to Bill

Copy GL Codes, Categories and Misc. Ref from Purchase Order to Bill

If you have raised a Purchase Order and filled out the coding on each line i.e. GL Codes, Categories and Misc. Ref, when you receive the Bill relating to this PO, you probably want the line coding to match on both documents, and don't want to spend time manually adjusting the Bill coding to match. 

Luckily, we have a one-click copy feature that allows you to take the GL Codes, Categories and Misc. Ref from the Purchase Order side to the Bill side. 
Please Note: This is only available on the matched lines from the Bill PO Match modal. Unmatched and Disregarded lines will not have the ability to copy the coding.

Viewing the GL Code, Category and Misc. Ref Data while Matching

Within the Bill Approval Workflow, click into the Bill PO Match modal.

At the top right, you'll see a toggle to turn on/off the Coding View. 

While this is on, you will see the GL Code, Category and Misc. Ref columns.

While this is off, you will see the default view with Qty, Unit Price, Amount, Status, GRN, $ +/-, Qty +/- and Notes. 

Copy the Coding from Purchase Order to Bill

In the Bill PO Match modal, click into the Coding View to see the columns and data you want to copy.

At the right hand side of the modal, select the lines you want to copy across.

Once these are selected you'll see a button to Copy Coding appear at the bottom.

Click this to take the PO Data on the right, and copy to the Bill Data on the left.

When you have copied the relevant data, click the Save button to save your changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Bill Data already has Data on the Lines, what happens when I Copy Coding?

If your Bill Data has some lines populated with GL Codes, Categories or Misc. Refs from your Supplier Automation rules, using the Copy Coding will overwrite this and update the lines with the PO Data.

I can't see the GL Code, Category or Misc. Ref Columns?

While in the Bill PO Match modal, click the 3 dots in the top right of each side of the screen (Bill Data or PO Data) and select GL Code, Category 1, Category 2 or Misc. Ref from the dropdown.

If you still can't see the columns, ensure you have Coding View switched to ON and check that you're in the Bill PO Match modal, as this feature is only visible from there.

Why can't I copy the coding across?

You will only be able to Copy Coding on lines that have been fully Matched. The lines can be Opened or Closed, but they must be matched - Partial, Disregarded, Multiples will not work.

I've made a mistake — how do I go back?

If you have clicked Copy Coding and not yet saved the changes, you can either click Reset or Cancel and the Bill Data will go back to the original status.

I have 2 PO lines matched to 1 Bill line - what happens when I Copy Coding?

If you have multiple PO lines matched, we will take the 1st line on the PO side that has been ticked and copy this across.

In the below example, if you have selected 4 lines to copy across, we will only copy the 1st line.

If you need the coding from the 3rd matched line, ensure this is the only line that has been matched.


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