Choosing the right approvals workflow

Choosing the right approvals workflow

Choosing the right workflow is crucial to help you streamline your processes to maximise efficiencies. You can have Lightyear up and running to streamline the purchase to payables process to follow the outline below

Before settling on a workflow, it is important to take a moment to consider a few important points before customizing your preferred workflow. If you're not sure or get stuck, feel free to book in a time with our team to work through the best workflow to suit your business needs. In preparation, or if you prefer to run through the process yourself, have a think about you current processes and consider 
  1. Who will be responsible for a particular touchpoint of a document i.e. POs/bills? What are their roles? 
  2. Will you require departmental approval? Do you need certain documents to automatically route to specific user/group of users?
  3. What about in cases you have bespoke approval requests? Do these approvers need to be able to review any coding or simply view the document?
  4. Will you need managers/executives to approve on top of user approving bills? Will these approvals need to be based on value/amounts?
Have a look at the workflows below to see which ones will suit your business needs best. Read on to see POs Approval Workflow or skip ahead to the Bills Approvals Workflow.

If you are looking for advice on the best set up, contact our team to book in a consultation.

POs Approval Workflow

After creating a PO, you can opt for one of the five workflows below.  This will cover the process from creation > approval > matching > ordering > completion and everything in between. Some layers can be optional or customized to combine the desired approval workflow. 
  1. Single Review - Raise a PO to Order immediately. 
  2. Approve & Review - Approve your POs before you send your order to suppliers  
  3. Departmental Routing - Set up Departments to restrict users to view/action their own/department related POs
  4. Two Step Manager Review - Auto assign a manager to approve POs from users who were assigned an Approval Task
  5. Executive Sign Off - Highest level of approvals requiring Executive Sign Off on all POs before ordering
From the simplest to the most complex, each workflow builds on top of the workflow before. See below and where to go to set them up:

See here on how to assign users to a Departments, here on how to assign Managers and here on how to assign users as Executives Approvers.

If you'd like to chat further on the best workflow for you, reach out to our team to discuss further or email for guidance prociding details of your requirements.

Bills Approval Workflow

With your Bills workflow, you will be customizing how many and who can approve bills to the point where you export the data to your accounting/inventory softwares.

From the simplest to the most complex, each workflow builds on top of the workflow before. See below and where to go to set them up:

If you have additional approval needs, speak to one of our team to find out best practices that you can incorporate into your workflow. Start automating your processes today!

If you'd like to take a closer look at the worfklow, download the image by clicking on the attachment below. 

As always, if you'd like a hand to figure out which is best suited, book in a time to chat with one of our consultants to help you decide on the best set up based on your business needs. 


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