Changes to navigation within the app

Changes to navigation within the app

We've made some big changes to the app to make the approval workflow, and overall site navigation, cleaner and easier. All the functionality you're used to is still there, but let's look at what's changed.

Approval workflow tabs have been renamed

Feedback from customers was that the terms In Tray and Approved Tray could be misunderstood by users who were new to or unfamiliar with the system, so we've renamed these.

The In Tray is now the Approval Tab, as this is where bills live while waiting to be approved.
The Approved Tab is now the Review Tab, for bills that are waiting for a final review before being Signed Off

Functionality within both these trays remains the same, they have simply been renamed.

The Filing Cabinet, Unknowns and Statements have been relocated

These have been moved to the side navigation bar, to keep the top bar dedicated purely to the approvals workflow.

  • A new Approvals button takes you back to the approvals workflow.
  • The Unknowns has been renamed to Processing. Functionality here is the same as it was before, and is where you'll find all bills needed to be mapped or manually entered
  • The Filing Cabinet has been renamed to Archive. Again, functionality here is the same as it was before, with one minor change.
  • Statements are no longer found in the Filing Cabinet, and instead have their own dedicated section. Statement functionality is currently the same as before, but we're going to be putting out some big updates to this in the coming weeks.

How to enable these changes

Eventually these changes will be pushed out for everyone, but for now, users can choose to enable them via My Profile. Just select Yes for 'Use new user interface'.


    Check out release notes for Q4 2021

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