Archiving Invoices Without Exporting

Can I move bills into the Archive without exporting?

Yes, you can!

Sometimes you just need to move a bill into the Archive and you don't necessarily want it in your accounting software. You can do so from one of two tabs within Lightyear.

1. Signed Off - Move to Archive

You can select bills and Archive them straight from the Signed Off tab. Select the bill/s you need to move and select the new < Archive > button as shown below. 

This will come in handy for those new to Lightyear who wish to store historical documents but don't necessarily want these exported to your accounting software.

2. Inventory - Export to Archive

Select the bill/s you want to export to your Inventory and by selecting < Export and Archive >, this will move your bills out of the Approvals workflow and straight into the Archive. 

This scenario works well for those using another third party system that sends data into your accounting software. To avoid receiving double the data, you can now streamline your accounts payable/approvals process and send your bills to the Archive instead. 

Standard billing charges apply so you can export/archive the same document for the charge of one credit.
This will also be recorded in your Billing View > Transaction History


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