Automatic Mapping

Automatic Mapping

Once you send a document into Lightyear, either an invoice or credit note, we will remember some bits of information for the future, so the next time you send a document from the same supplier, we will automatically apply the same map for you.

There are two ways to do this:
1. By looking at the email domain only e.g.
2. By looking at the whole email address e.g.

Map by Email Domain

If your supplier sends documents to Lightyear in a similar format to the below:

Or from different emails each time e.g.,,, you can add a specific email domain to an Authorised Domain List within Lightyear.

If a domain is on this list, any documents received from the domain will be cross checked against the suppliers and maps we have previously applied within your account. The correct map will then be chosen and applied on the document, and sent through to Approvals, Statements or Purchase Orders.

This can be set up either from Processing, when a map is applied to a domain for the first time, or from within Company Settings.


When applying a map to a document for the first time, after clicking Send to Approvals this popup will display:

Clicking Yes will add the domain to the Authorised Domain List within Company Settings. Clicking No will add the whole email address to the specified Supplier Mapping table - more on this later!

After selecting an option the map will be applied and you will have the option to apply the map to the rest of the documents in Processing. 

Company Settings

If you want to set this up prior to any documents being received, you can head over to Company Settings and scroll down to Supplier Authorised Domain List. Click the + Add Supplier Domain button.

From here, click the + Domain button, then enter the domain to the field. Click Save once you have added the required domain(s).

Map by Individual Email Address

If you don't want to map per domain, you can set up automatic mapping based on the Supplier and Maps previously applied.

You don't need to do anything for this step, every time a map is applied in Lightyear, the senders' email address along with the mapping reference (i.e. 02-00000) is added to the Mapping Table.

To view all current maps saved within your account, head over to Suppliers, and click the green edit icon beside the supplier you want to view. In the Supplier, click the Mapping tab along the top.

Here you will see a list of all previously applied maps for the selected Supplier. 

When you send a document into Lightyear, we will check the document, scan all maps that have been used previously for the same sender email address and attempt to apply them. If we find a match, the document will go through to the next tab. We will check this list in order i.e. if the first map on the list doesn't work, we'll go onto the next, and so on until a working map is found.


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