August 2023

August 2023

17th August

Accountancy Software: Other - Set Lightyear to 2 Decimal Places

If your accountancy software requires bills and credit notes to be imported as 2 decimal places, Lightyear can now be customised to match.

Head over to Accountancy Software Settings and enable the Do you want to calculate to 2 decimal places? option to display to 2 decimal places throughout the Approvals Workflow (Approvals, Review, Signed Off and Disputed).

Once this is enabled, all documents in the Approval Workflow will recalculate to display 2 decimal places in the Amount and Tax Amount columns. Unit Price will remain at 4 decimal places.
Please Note: When this is enabled, you will also need to enable the Select 2 decimal places for line items and tax amount setting within Export Mappings. If these are not enabled concurrently, Lightyear calculations will not change to 2 decimal places, and your export CSVs may include incorrect data and calculations.

10th August

Highlight and Copy Text from Panel 3

You may notice a new icon within Panel 3! We're happy to introduce the ability to highlight and copy text directly from the PDF!

On the top left of Panel 3, click the Highlight Text icon to switch to Highlight Mode - this mode will allow you to select the text on the PDF to be copied and pasted elsewhere throughout Lightyear.

To revert back to Standard Mode, simply click the same Highlight Text icon  again to zoom into the PDF.

Purchase Orders: Auto BCC Creator of a PO

You can now enable the option to always BCC the user who created the PO when the Order Email is sent out.

To do this, go to the Company Settings > Purchase Orders and scroll down to Supplier Email Settings to find the 'Created By' Users Email option.

For example, when this is enabled, if User A creates the PO and User B orders it, User A will receive an email when the order is sent to the Supplier.

9th August

Accountancy Software: Sage Intacct - Supplier Countries

When importing Sage Intacct Suppliers into Lightyear, the Country Code will be imported along with the existing details e.g. Currency Code, Default GL Code, VAT Number, etc.

If you have existing Sage Intacct Suppliers in Lightyear, click the Import Suppliers button in the top right to update the list.

4th August

Reinstating Suppliers

Manage Suppliers has a new tab!

When you click into your Suppliers, you'll see it split into two tabs - one for Active (which is the previous view you're probably used to) and one for Inactive.

Inactive is where all your deleted Suppliers will live. If you need to reinstate any Suppliers, go to this tab and click the blue Reinstate icon to send it back to Active. Once reinstated, you can continue to use the Supplier against any document.

Please Note: You won't be able to edit any of the Inactive Suppliers, if you need to make a change to any of the information, you'll need to reinstate it first.

Product Lists

Within the Manage Suppliers, the Product List icon will display beside any Supplier that contains Product information e.g. a Product Code/Description/Account Code.

Previously, this icon was only displaying for Suppliers that had Pricing information within each Product List.

Accountancy Software: WCBS - Reference 3

The Reference 3 field for WCBS connected accounts will export as 40 characters moving forward to prevent import errors into PASS.

If Reference 3 in Lightyear has more than 40 characters, the CSV export will truncate to 40 e.g.

Lightyear Reference 3: I am a field that is over forty characters.
CSV Reference 3: I am a field that is over forty characte

Bug Fix: Inactive Suppliers Appearing in Departments

When using Departments, users were seeing Suppliers that were previously deleted appear as options to add to a Department.

Now, if a Supplier has been deleted, it won't appear within the Departments area.

Bug Fix: Archive - Custom Reports Not Populating Correct Fields

Some users running Custom Reports were seeing an issue where the fields weren't populating the same information as when the report was created.

These Custom Reports will now hold the same information to mirror the report upon creation.

2nd August

Add to Departments in Bulk

Add and remove both Suppliers and Users in Departments. 

Simply select the Suppliers or Users you want to move, and click the arrow button to move it the Department.

Don't forget to click Save Changes once you've actioned the required Suppliers or Users!

Edit Supplier Country

Now after a Supplier is created, users with access to Manage Suppliers will be able to edit the Supplier Country at any time.
Please Note: After the Supplier is created, changing the Country won't adjust the Currency, this will need to be changed manually.

Purchase Orders: Auto Populate Delivery Address

Accounts with only one Delivery Address will see this defaulted on when creating a new Purchase Order.

If you have multiple Delivery Addresses, this field will remain blank by default and users will need to manually select the appropriate one.

1st August

Accountancy Software: Xero - Suppliers and Default Tracking Categories

If your Xero Suppliers are set up with Default Categories on the Purchase side, you can now import these into your Lightyear account, and use them to create Lightyear Suppliers.

Within the Xero Suppliers screen, you'll see additional columns for Category 1 and Category 2 (in our example, the Categories are called Projects and Suburb). If these are blank, click Import Suppliers and the list will update accordingly.


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