August 2019

August 2019

August 22nd

Feature Releases

Auto Mapper - Map new suppliers in seconds!

A few weeks ago we made some big improvements to the Find Map process which drastically reduced the time needed to find and apply a map that correctly extracts all your juicy bill data. Today we're building on that with the release of Auto Mapper.

When you send a new supplier bill into Lightyear, either through email or Upload in the Processing Tab, Lightyear will now automatically try to find and apply the best map for that supplier, and present it to you in the Processing Tab with NO CLICKS REQUIRED..  Lightyear uses the GST/ABN/VAT number of the supplier to search for an existing data extraction map.  

If the map looks good, all you need to do is select your supplier and the bill is ready for approval.   Full, immediate, end to end data extraction from new suppliers bills with 2 clicks!  

This will greatly reduce the amount of time spent working in the Processing Tab, as if there's an existing map we'll just apply it for you. If a map doesn't exist, just request a new map as you already do and we'll get one created. Check out the video below for a comparison.

Email Notifications ! 

Lightyear can now send periodic email notifications informing users of any outstanding work required across their accounts.  Any user can select to have these sent daily, weekly or monthly.  This setting can be accessed from the communications settings within 'My Profile' 


  • When switching between tabs, Lightyear will now automatically select and display bill data from the top of the current tab
  • When clicking the Refresh icon at the top of Panel 2, Lightyear will now remember what bill you were viewing and will automatically present this to you once the refresh is finished
  • When a document is attached to a bill via Paperclip, you'll now see a paperclip icon in the line of the BIll in panel 1.  You'll also see a blue dot on the Paperclip icon in Panel 2

  • We've added a drop down to the Billing page, allowing you to filter between Consumption (Credits used for exporting bills and filing statements), and credit Purchases 

August 8th

Feature Releases

PaperClip ! 

Another highly requested feature from our customers, the ability to attach miscellaneous documents to the source documents within Lightyear. Delivery notes, order-confirmations etc no longer need to be trashed or kept in your Processing Tab. 

Instead, use Paperclip to attach them to a bill for safe keeping and easy access when you need it.  When you view an attachment, we display the image beside the invoice view,  a neat feature if you are cross referencing Delivery notes or PO's against the invoice.

A full guide can be found here.  Please note the attachments will not be sent into third-party systems, only the source-document.  Attachments are a non-chargeable feature

Automatic Statement Reconciliation - General Availability

This feature has been in beta for a few months, but we're now happy to announce that we're moving out of beta and into General Availability! 

The feedback received has been incredible with customers reconciling full weekly and monthly statement runs in minutes VS hours, as well as helping to avoid late payments and avoiding the need to make phone calls and emails to suppliers chasing any exceptions.  

Check out the full support guide here.

We've been running auto Statement reconciliation as a free feature whilst in Beta, but as previously communicated in the release announcement 13th June 2019, and reflected in our T&C's updates 7th July 2019, any statements filed, either through Automatic Statement Reconciliation or the standard Mark As Statement function, will be charged at 1 credit per statement, regardless of document size.  This takes effect as of today 9 August 2019. 

Existing customers can avail of the current manual Mark as Statement filing option (without automatic matching) free of charge until the end of the 2019 at which point all Statements filed will incur a 1 credit charge.  We don't charge for duplicate statements, or the re-mapping of a statement. These transactions will now also show in the Transaction History table within the Billing section as below.  


  • Receipt number auto-population: If we're unable to automatically extract a receipt number from a receipt uploaded via the Mobile App or the Processing tab, we'll instead auto-populate this field with the date of upload, followed by a digit to indicate how many receipts you have uploaded today. EG, if it was the third receipt you have uploaded, the Receipt Number would be populated with '080819-3'
  • After uploading a receipt via the Processing tab, we'll now automatically present the image in Panel 2 by default instead of having to select it in Panel 1.  One less click!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where searching for bills by amount in the Archive would sometimes not bring back the correct results

August 1st

Feature Releases

Receipt Upload and data extraction

A massive Time saver for any businesses processes receipts!

You can now upload receipts straight to Lightyear, either through the Processing Tab or through the Mobile App, and we'll automatically extract the key receipt information including supplier/Vendor, date, receipt number (if available), tax and total.   The best news?  Our data extraction takes less than 1 minute.  As this feature is in live Beta, please expect the accuracy level to be less than 100% on certain fields such as supplier and VAT/GST as we look to refine the extraction algorithms. 

If Lightyear extracts a supplier name that is an exact match for an existing supplier, the Bill will flow straight into the Approvals Tab with the information extracted. A fantastic time saver when dealing with those company receipt and staff expense claims.   

Click here for a full guide on uploading Receipts

Contact the Lightyear support team if you would like to participate in the BETA.

Improvements - Mobile App V2 -  Data extraction and sent items

To go along with our new receipt handling, the Lightyear Mobile App has been updated to make this even easier.
  1. Upload receipts from anywhere with your phone, and they'll go straight to your Lightyear account with the data automatically extracted via our receipt data extraction engine.  
  2. We've also made some minor UI changes, making it easier to upload existing photos from your camera roll.
  3. You can now view sent items to easily track what you have uploaded.  
  4. Check out the full article here.

Bug fixes
  1. Fixed a bug where Archive search for a specific amount was not returning a result.
  2. Fixed a mobile app bug that was presenting a white screen after a few days of inactivity.
  3. Added validation warning to task approval if 'double manager approval' is activated and the selected user does not have a manager assigned in User Settings
  4. Fixed a bug in Automatic statement billing where Statements were sometimes being mapped as invoices. 


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