Are you confused about the Archive?

Can't find a document in the Archive?

The Archive can be a little confusing at first, because as well as displaying your exported invoices, it will initially by default show you 'All Bills', meaning invoices in the Approval, Review, Signed Off, Disputed Tabs & exported documents. The Archive tab is also used for searching, so you will need to change the search criteria on the left side to display what you want to look at. So if you want to look at invoices that are in the actual Archive (have been exported) then change it to 'Exported Bills'. You can also select 'Invoices Not Yet Exported', 'Exported Batches' and 'Statements' accordingly.

So how do you know which ones are actually in the Archive and can't be edited?

If you are searching 'All Bills' you need to look at the 'Where?' column, and if it says Archive, then it can't be moved, deleted or edited. If it is located in any other tab, it has not been exported and can therefore be edited, moved etc.

If a bill is showing as in the 'Signed Off' tab then you need to send it back to the 'Review Tab' to be able to edit it.

What can you search for?

As you can imagine, over time invoices build up and we cannot display all invoices to you by default. So you will need to select search criteria to retrieve the invoices that are relevant. To do this select what you require from the 'Search' tab in the panel on the hand hand side. The system won't display more than 500 invoices for any search, so you may need to limit your date range depending on how many invoices were retrieved in the search. You can search by
  • GL Code
  • Supplier
  • Department
  • Category
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Bill Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Amount
  • Product Code
  • Product Description
Do you want to keep a copy of the search? Then you can download it to a CSV file on your computer by clicking on the green 'Export To File' button.  

Once an invoice has been exported and has gone to the Archive tab, it cannot be removed. You can however send that invoice back through the system again though. To do this you need to email yourself a copy of the invoice and then email it back into your Lightyear account (this is done via the "MORE' button> 'Email to me'). You do however need to be aware that it will show as a duplicate within Lightyear (have the red duplicate icon on it). Once you've sent the other copy in, as well as when you void something in Xero, you need to write a note stating what's been done and why, otherwise it could become confusing down the track (you need to put a note on both the new invoice as well as the invoice in the Archive tab).

What if you can't find a particular document?

If you have searched for a particular document and can't find it, then widen the date range by removing the first date and also tick the box 'Include Trash' as it may have been deleted. An invoice will remain in the Trash for only 30 days.

If you still cant find it try searching by other criteria and consider if someone made an error, such as the date in the future, or put under the wrong supplier or maybe there's a duplicate supplier under a different name because it was created under the registered ABN company name.

If you need anymore help or advice, please get in contact via chat.


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