Lightyear Release Notes

April 2020

Features and Updates April 2020

Release 30.4.2020

New First Time User Experience

We have introduced a brand new experience for new customers.  

New Admin users will now be presented with an in-product setup walkthrough to help them quickly learn the system and complete the relevant setup steps.  

Email notifications for Approval requests

Users can now request email notifications when they are sent an approval request.  Fantastic for users who do not want to log into the App to approve bills.  This is a user specific setting which can be activated from the 'My Profile' Section.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  1. Support for automatic extraction of foreign currency formats.  eg: 1,000.00.
  2. Netsuite API enhancements to handle rounding
Release 23.4.2020

New Supplier Settings layout

We have improved the layout of the supplier settings with the following updates:

Introduced tabs to separate out the key settings sub areas
    1. Profile - Here you will find general supplier information and Bookkeeping rules
    2. Mapping - Here you will find the mapping sender table and associated Map ID's
    3. Product - Here you will find your Product List functions, these were previously accessed separately from the left-hand navigation bar 

Addition of a new collapsable Supplier quick access menu
You can now switch between suppliers without having to go back and forward from the supplier list.  This panel can be collapsed if you prefer

Moved Product List into the Supplier Settings 
The Product list is now accessed by selecting the 'Supplier' menu first, and then navigating to the 'Product' Tab.

You can now click into the product list directly from the supplier settings list by clicking on the product list icon

The suppliers Help Article can be accessed here  

Release 17.4.2020

Automated supplier tax override

This is a huge feature for customers who do not claim Tax back, such as not for profits.  You can now set an override feature which will automatically extract the taxable components a supplier has charged you and we will automatically gross these up to the Nett amount at Zero tax rate, fully automating the bookkeeping process and saving hours upon hours of manual tax calc adjustments.

Release 10.4.2020

GL Code field included in Exports

You can now choose to include the GL Code Description field when exporting from Lightyear if you are using 'Other' Accounting Software. This is a helpful function making tracking even more granular when filtering and processing pay runs from SAP, Navision, Dynamics etc.

This function is available when "OTHER" is chosen as your Accountancy Software.

Bulk approval error message

An error message will now appear in the "Activity" tab when and if the bulk approving does not work for a specific invoice or document. For example, if a pending task has not yet been actioned, these pending tasks will not be approved and show the reason in the audit trail with the action needed to allow the approval to work.
Remember everything that has been done to an invoice since landing in Lightyear has a record saved to its Activity tab shown below;

Alphabetised user drop-downs

The drop-down menus that show users have now been updated to show in alphabetical order. Previously this was populated in the order the user was created.


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