April 2023

April 2023

27th April

Accountancy Software Enhancements

We have reworded some naming conventions within Lightyear to better align the experience across Accountancy Softwares.

GL Codes, Nominal Codes, Categories (on US Accounts) has been renamed to Chart of Accounts (in the Accountancy Software area) and Account (everywhere else in Lightyear).

Supplier Cards has been renamed to [Acc. Software] Suppliers e.g. if you’re connected to Xero, these will be Xero Suppliers, if you’re connected to Netsuite, these will be Netsuite Suppliers.

Bug Fix: Purchase Orders - Approval by Value

Accounts using Approval by Value with Instead Of approval were having issues moving Purchase Orders into the Ordered tab.

These can now be Approved and Ordered as normal with this bug fix.

Bug Fix: Purchase Orders - PO Supplier

An issue where POs could be created using Suppliers that were set as PO Supplier = No has been resolved. These suppliers will no longer appear in the Supplier dropdown list when creating a PO.

Bug Fix: Archive - Category Filter

In Archive, Users can now apply a Filter on Category 1 and 2.

Bug Fix: US Accounts Tax Codes

When switching to a US account from another ROW account, users were seeing incorrect totals on Manually Entered documents as the tax codes from the ROW account was sticking and applying incorrectly in the US account. This has been resolved to remove the Tax Codes behind the scenes when in a US account.

Bug Fix: Inventory Supplier Not Populating

Within the Manage Suppliers page, users with Inventory Suppliers were not seeing the correct information within the list view.

The Inventory Supplier name will now populate as expected.

5th April

Purchase Orders on Mobile App

We are happy to announce the release of our beta version of Purchase Orders within our Mobile App. If you have used the Purchase Orders feature on Lightyear, you'll be familiar with how this works. If you're a new user, or need a refresher, click here to see how POs work on mobile. 

If you already have the mobile app installed on iOS or Android, don't forget to install the latest update to see the new feature!

Accountancy Software: Sage Intacct - GL Posting Date

Users can now customise what is used to populate the GL Posting Date within Sage Intacct.

Within the Accountancy Software Settings area, select either Invoice Date or Export Date to default on all Invoices. A Custom Date can also be selected from a dropdown within Panel 2 of the Approvals Workflow.

For full details on this, click here.


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