April 2021

April 2021

Purchase Orders: Terms and Conditions

Users can now upload a Terms and Conditions page to Lightyear. This will be added to each PO as an additional page. To upload this, go to your Company Settings > Purchase Orders > Form Customisation. You can either drag and drop a file into the box, or click Browse Files to find the file from your documents. This must be uploaded as a PDF.

When this is added, the bottom of each PO will make reference to these T&Cs.

To remove these T&Cs, go back to Company Settings > Purchase Orders > Form Customisation, and click Remove terms and conditions.

Purchase Orders: Reference Number and Contact Name

The Reference field character limit has now been increased from 10 characters to 20 characters.

On the PO PDF, the Contact Name and Contact Number will be displayed below the delivery address.

Renaming 'Bill' to 'Document'

When sending an Approval Task, the 'Add Note' section previously had a default message of 'Please review this bill for approval'. As this feature is now used for Purchase Orders , we have updated this note to say 'Please review this document for approval'.

Create Rule Searchable Fields

With our recent release of Description Rules, users were able to create new rules from the Approvals workflow, in panel 2. Further information can be found about this release here.
Users can now search for the GL Code and Category through the dropdown menu, which will make it easier for users to find the GL Code/Category they want to use.


Including/Excluding Tax in Approvals

When manually editing an invoice while in Approvals, users now have the option to select whether the amounts being entered are including, excluding or no tax by using the dropdown menu below the Totals section.

The amounts entered will dynamically update if you change the dropdown tax type. For example if you enter £20 as Tax Inclusive, and change the dropdown to be Tax Exclusive, this will automatically update to show the amount at £16.67. If you change it to No Tax, the 'Taxed' column will be unticked for each line item and the amount will change back to £20.

External Sender Email

This External Sender Email feature allows users to send an email from within Lightyear as normal, but when it arrives in the recipients inbox, it will appear as the specified email address. For example, if your Lightyear email is joebloggs@lightyear.cloud, but you want your suppliers to receive emails from joebloggs@gmail.com, this feature will allow you to do so.
Alongside this, users can set up an Alternative Response Email, which will be the email address a supplier replies to when they receive an email that has been sent from Lightyear.
This can be turned on from the bottom of the Company Settings page, and your email will need to be verified before it can be saved and used.

Previously, this was only available in the POs workflow, and has now been expanded into Bills and Statements, when clicking Email Supplier and Email Supplier Statement.

Purchase Order Only Permission

Users can now have Purchase order permission without approval permission attached automatically. When setting a user with permissions, you can now choose between Bill permissions, PO permissions or both.

Depending on the user and what permissions they need, you can customise which permissions from each feature you would like them to have:

Navigate to the Users icon >  and edit accordingly.

Accounting Software Xero: Export to 4 Decimal Places

You can now export invoices and credit notes with the unit prices set to 4 decimal places. This feature is available to Xero users and is enabled in the accounting software icon under accountancy software settings.

Accounting Software 'Other': Export Mapping

In the Export Mapping area, we have now added the ability to add a column for 'Tax Total'. This will appear on both Invoice and Credit exports, for both CSV and TXT files.

This can be added the same way as any other fields, go to Accountancy > Export Mappings. On the right hand side of your screen, you will see the Total Tax option near the bottom of the list.

Accounting Software Microsoft Dynamics: Enhancements

Within the Export CSV, all invoices with a negative value and credit notes, regardless of value, will be exported as type Credit Memo. Previously, users who exported negative value invoices were having issues when importing into Microsoft Dynamics, which meant users had to manually update these rows to show as Credit Memos. 

This Export will now have a hard-coded header row, which will tell Microsoft Dynamics which table to import the data into. 

Bug Fixes:

Assign Company to Client user as Auditor

Users were experiencing issues when assigning permissions to users with Audit only. This has now been fixed.

Sorting Documents in My Tasks 

Users were experiencing an Internal Server Error when trying to sort and filter by the Doc # in the My Tasks page. This fix will allow users to sort by Doc # and will make finding specific documents easier.

Approver Permissions

A user with Approver Permissions was previously able to see the Product List in the Suppliers tab, but weren't able to delete/edit the individual products. This fix will allow any user with the Approver permission to edit and delete from this list. 

Purchase Orders: Products Not Populating

When in POs, any user who didn't have the PO Approval permission, were not able to make use of the Product Type Ahead feature, as they didn't have access to the Product List where these product codes were stored. Now, any user that can create POs will be able to make use of this feature, and will allow them to quickly enter line items.

Receipts Not Showing 'Entered Amounts Include Tax'

When manually entering a document that had been extracted with OCR and Bill Type: Receipt, users were not able to see the 'Entered Amounts Include Tax' checkbox, which lead to manual calculations to enter the correct amount. Users will now be able to see this checkbox and enter amounts as Include Tax.

Assign 'Approval Task and Archive' User Permission

In the Users/Companies section in a Parent account, users were having issues assigning the 'Approval Task and Archive' permission to each user, meaning they would need to go into each individual account, and assign the permission. This has been resolved to allow users to assign this permission from Users/Companies.

Please Note: If you are not in a Parent/Child structure, you will still need to go to Users to assign this permission.

Adept Export File Format

On Export, accounts connected to Adept as their Accounting Software were receiving a .zip file containing multiple .txt files. This has now been changed to remove the .zip file from the export, and users will now receipt one .txt file containing their documents from export.

'Line Total [abc] does not match expected Line Total [xyz]' Error on Export

Due to a recent release, some Xero users who were not using the 'Export to 4 Decimal Places' feature were receiving this error on export. We have fixed this issue now, so all exports should be successful regardless if the 4 decimal place feature is turned on or off.

Accounting Supplier Sticking

When in Processing, users who were creating a new Supplier, and choosing an Accounting Supplier from the dropdown, were experiencing an issue that caused the Accounting Supplier to stick and remain as the last selected option. This fix will allow users to select the correct Accounting Supplier from the dropdown without issue.

Keyword Rule Validation

Users using the Keyword Rule feature were previously required to enter a GL code or Category for each rule. We have now removed this validation, to allow users to enter a Keyword Rule, without a GL Code, Category or Approver. 

Editable Signed Off Tab

When switching between accounts, users who accessed the Signed Off tab via the dashboard were able to edit the details of the invoice. This has been locked down, meaning users won't be able to edit the information from the Signed Off tab, no matter where they access it from.


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