Evaluation of zero-day vulnerability in Apache Log4j December 2021

Evaluation of zero-day vulnerability in Apache Log4j December 2021

A zero-day vulnerability was announced by Apache w/c 6.12.2021, which has impacted a number of companies across the globe. This newly discovered vulnerability allows for unauthenticated remote code execution.

Log4j is an open source Java logging library developed by the Apache Foundation. Log4j is widely used in server infrastructure, applications and in many digital services.

Lightyear deploys many layers of security to ensure our platform remains secure. This recent vulnerability was identified and a security assessment carried out in line with our internal Incident Response Policy.

Our security assessment did not identify any significant risks to the Lightyear infrastructure.  Our core platform infrastructure does not use the impacted logging utility.   We have reviewed and updated any of our third party tools where there has been a recommended update advised.  We have taken, and will continue to take, any necessary steps to strenghten our defences against this and any other security vulnerabilites in line with our Incident Response Policy.


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